Why Bin Rentals Are Essential for Construction Projects

When it’s time to renovate or build something new, a construction project always produces a mess. From removing unwanted property to tossing material scraps, bin rentals make it easier to keep everything clean and hazard-free.

We-Haul provides this essential service, offering several bin sizes to match your construction project’s needs. Our team removes the unwanted materials, recycling whatever we can, and provides you with the world-class service you deserve.

If you’re thinking about bin rentals for your upcoming construction project, here are some of the benefits to expect with this investment.

What Are the Advantages That Bin Rentals Offer?

When you select We-Haul for your bin rental needs, you can choose from our four popular sizes: five yards, ten yards, 14 yards, or 20 yards.

1. Remove Waste Quickly

Clutter and disorganization disrupt a construction project. When workers must carefully navigate obstacles, it takes more time to complete each task. It also increases the risk of an injury occurring or damage happening.

Instead of having unwanted materials or items blocking each workspace, bin rentals offer a spot where these things can be conveniently removed.

Although some restrictions apply to the materials placed in them, having bins available for construction or renovation projects can speed up the clean-up work.

This service is compliant with Ontario’s waste management policies and procedures.

2. Convenient Placement

Bin rentals come right to the worksite or property. Having this onside resource available ensures that removing unwanted items is a convenient, straightforward process.

When it is full, contact our team, and we’ll take care of the mess. We can offer another bin if you have more work to do with a same-day switch request made before 10 AM.

Each bin sits nicely on a driveway and won’t cause unnecessary property damage.

You can keep the bin for up to 14 days for your construction or renovation project. Our flat fees ensure no hidden pricing exists, allowing for accurate budgeting. We have an entire stock of new bins available to rent on short notice.

3. Affordable Options

Prices for our bin rentals in Toronto start at $250. That includes all the services you need for delivery and removal of the unwanted items.

Our 20-yard bin rental is an excellent value, priced at $500. You let us know what you need, we drop off the dumpster, and then we invoice you for an electronic payment. It’s that simple to handle your construction mess!

4. Safe Work Environment

Unwanted materials must go somewhere. When a bin rental isn’t available, most people put these items into different piles. Although that’s better than leaving a mess strewn everywhere, it isn’t necessarily the safest solution.

As these materials accumulate, the risks of a job site accident increase significantly. Hazardous or costly spills might happen. This issue can cause more particulates to be in the environment, including dust and soil, which can trigger allergies or degrade the quality of the working areas.

When you take advantage of the bin rental benefits in Toronto, you can properly dispose of garbage, debris, and construction materials safely.

5. Designated Space

An onsite bin lets everyone know where to place their unwanted materials. It eliminates the problem of moving waste to a different area while working, only to relocate it another time to its designated container.

Some items require a different disposal method. You might consider having designated spaces for the following things to ensure the work site is as safe as possible.

  • Electronics Waste. E-waste requires proper disposal and recycling at a designated facility. That includes computers, televisions, and anything with circuit boards.
  • Cleaning Agents. Chemical-based cleaners are typically not permitted in bins because they are caustic and harmful to the environment. These items must go to a designated disposal or recycling facility.
  • Paint and Solvent. If you have leftover paint from a construction project, it must be taken to an appropriate facility for disposal.

Additional items that shouldn’t be in a bin include batteries, automotive fluids, or anything labeled hazardous.

6. Straightforward Removal

When your 14 days are up, we come to remove the bin and dispose of the waste placed within it. If you need more time or an additional dumpster, We-Haul works to find a way to meet whatever requirements exist. You can trust our team to take care of these logistics so that you can focus on the construction or renovation work.

Bin rentals are essential for construction projects because they provide the safe removal of debris while recycling as many materials as possible. Our competitive rates make it easy to bid on projects or budget your renovation work. Contact us today to get your rental started!


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