What You Need to Know About Commercial Demolition Projects

A commercial demolition project can end up becoming a significant undertaking. When it’s carefully planned and executed, the results often exceed all expectations.

To receive that outcome, it’s necessary to find an experienced commercial demolition company that can take on the size and scope of your project.

What Does the Commercial Demolition Project Involve?

Commercial demolition contractors take down buildings like hospitals, malls, and hotels. They clear the land to build a new structure while using equipment like cranes, loaders, or even explosives for specific projects.

Before the project begins, you’ll receive an estimate that covers the scope of the work. It’s usually recommended to receive at least three competitive bids from qualified contractors before proceeding. It also helps to read public reviews and get referrals from trusted associates during the selection process.

Each step of the demolition requires a specific approach to keep everyone safe. The contractor will check for toxic chemicals, asbestos, and any desired materials inside the building.

Once the property is clear, a decision is made on the demolition method that makes the most sense. Everyone in close buildings, project workers, and anyone near the property has their safety considered each step of the way.

After the project is confirmed, the building is sealed off – and temporary fencing is often erected to improve safety and security.

After the structure is deconstructed or demolished, the land gets cleared by salvaging and recycling as many materials as possible. The list of qualifying items is extensive, ranging from roofing tiles to various metals.

Each commercial demolition company has its own procedures when following this general outline, which is why it often helps to request the step-by-step process your preferred contractor intends to use.

If you don’t get clear answers about what to expect or asbestos abatement and safety measures aren’t included, you should take that fact as a warning sign and look for a different contractor.

What Happens to the Assets Inside the Building?

When demolition services in Toronto are necessary, commercial building owners will want to consider their interior assets before the contractor deconstructs or demolishes the structure. Office furniture, artwork, and even flooring materials have a tangible value that can often offset some of the expense of this effort.

It often helps to take a complete inventory of everything left in the building before arranging to remove those things. Even if you don’t want to keep everything, donating items to a charitable cause could have a positive impact on your tax filings at the end of the year.

Some things can’t be thrown away. If you have old paint or unused cleaning supplies, it might be necessary to have the products picked up by hazardous waste specialists.

The best commercial demolition contractors never take shortcuts. If you’d like to know more about what to expect for an upcoming project, let us know at your convenience. We’ll be happy to take you through the steps outlined here so that your goals can be safely reached.

Ready to get started? Book a free estimate for your commercial demolition needs today! We look forward to helping you.


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