What Size of Dumpster Bin Should I Rent?

The last thing a homeowner wants to worry about while undergoing a construction or renovation project is where will all the debris go.

Renting a dumpster bin offers the perfect solution, so you no longer need to keep the piles of debris lying around your garage.

It’s vital, however, to determine the right size bin you need, as it will help you avoid not having enough space, or having too much space and paying for what you don’t need.

Bins are not measured in how wide or long they are, but rather are measured in volume. The most common types of dumpsters are measured in cubic yards and come in different sizes to accommodate your needs.

5 Yard Dumpster Bin

Whether you’re cleaning out your garage from all the clutter that’s been stored there or undertaking a landscape project, the 5-yard bin offers you enough space to throw your junk in.

Even though this is the smallest bin available, the debris of a smaller-scale renovation project or demolition job can also fit in it, although you must make sure the size of the project isn’t too large, otherwise, you’ll need to rent another bin.

10 Yard Dumpster Bin

Projects that are a little more complicated and messy will require a larger bin than a 5-yard. For larger-scale renovation projects, such as a roof replacement or kitchen remodeling, a 10-yard bin will fit the bill for what you need.

The 10-yard bin is a perfect size if you’ve been thinking about cleaning out the garage you’ve been using as a storage unit along with that cluttered basement.

14 Yard Dumpster Bin

With the 14-yard bin, you’d be taking home renovations up a notch. This type of construction project could include renovating multiple rooms and changing the interior of your house.

You can also load up any bulky furniture or busted appliances you may have lying around.

Regardless of whether you’re tearing down your walls and replacing them or renewing your floors, the 14-yard bin is able to cater to all your needs.

20 Yard Dumpster Bin

Projects that generate substantial amounts of debris need something big enough to be able to hold it, which is where the 20-yard bin comes in handy.

This dumpster bin is ideal for large projects such as adding a new addition to your home, gutting both the kitchen and the bathroom, or completely remodeling the basement.

Any construction or demolition job that you have in mind can be accomplished with the help of the 20-yard bin, the possibilities are endless.

Construction Bin Rental in Toronto

When undergoing a construction or renovation project, your hands are already so full that there’s no time to worry about where all the debris is going to go.

Our professional crew at We-Haul is dedicated to providing you with exceptional service, making sure that your driveway is protected and all your junk is taken care of.

We offer a variety of sizes that will help you get the most out of your garbage bin rental.

Get in touch with us today to learn more about our dumpster bin rental process and get a free no-obligation quote for your construction project.

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