What Questions Should You Ask Residential Demolition Contractors?

Residential demolition contractors make many promises, but how do you know they have the expertise or commitment to fulfill their word?

When you need demolition services at home, it helps to ask potential contractors a series of questions to gauge their professionalism and overall experience. The last thing you need is to hire an interior demolition company when your goal is to have exterior work completed!

List of the Questions to Ask Residential Demolition Contractors

1. Can I see your business license?

You should always protect your best interests by requesting to see the business license of a residential demolition contractor. If you work with someone off the books, there won’t be as many options if losses or injuries occur. You could even be held responsible for what happens.

2. How are your crews trained?

Today’s best residential demolition contractors receive training and skill development opportunities to get better at their craft. Choose a company that dedicates resources to ongoing training to ensure that your property benefits from the latest technologies, equipment, and safety regulations.

3. Have you done this type of work before?

Although everyone must start somewhere, most projects benefit from direct experience or extensive education. Ask for examples to review from the contractor’s portfolio. If you need an interior demolition company to work on your property, they should be able to outline the steps they’ll take for your property.

4. Do you carry insurance?

Only hire a residential demolition crew that carries the appropriate insurance. This step protects the best interests of everyone involved in the project.

5. What is the estimated timeline and cost of the project?

Experienced contractors won’t give you a quote over the phone. What they will do is provide a reasonable approximation for what to expect after reviewing your property so that you have an idea of what to budget for cost and time. When you receive a written estimate, be sure to ask for specifics or get clarity on any items you don’t 100% understand.

6. Will you conduct asbestos inspections?

Any building set for demolition should be inspected for materials like asbestos. In older homes, it’s not just the insulation or walls that can contain it. You could have some in your ceiling tiles, flooring, or piping.

7. Are cleanup services included in the demolition services estimate?

Once the demolition services are complete, you need to know how the cleanup process works. What gets removed from the property? Are there items you’ll need to dispose of yourself after the job is over?

8. Do you have a cancellation policy?

Your circumstances can change. If you no longer need the help of a residential demolition contractor, you should know what outs are available when it’s time to cancel. What clauses are in the contract that govern this situation?

A professional demolition company will answer these questions and more when you need interior work or other services completed. We’ll be happy to get you the necessary information to make an informed decision about your potential project.

Ready to get started? Book a free estimate for your residential demolition needs today! We look forward to helping you.


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