Renting a Bin: Can I Use Dumpsters for Hauling Away Old Furniture?

When it’s time to renovate a room or refresh your furniture, you might need to get rid of some older items. Instead of setting them out on the curb to see if someone will take these things off your hands, it might be worth considering a bin rental.

It’s still essential to proceed with caution when you have old furniture to throw away. Ontario offers some guidance for oversized items, placing sofas in the same category as kitchen appliances. Some areas provide a collection schedule, while others might require orders for a special pick-up of these items.

The easiest solution for fast disposal of unwanted old furniture is to rent a bin. When the dumpster is a temporary addition to your property, you can throw away the items you don’t need without a hassle. Our team delivers it to your location, then picks it up when you’re finished loading it.

What If My Old Furniture Doesn’t Fit in the Dumpster?

If you’ve rented a small bin and need to throw away a sofa, you might find that the furniture doesn’t fit inside the dumpster’s dimensions.

You can still throw away the old furniture, but you’ll need to go through some disassembly steps first. Here are the steps to follow if you need to take apart an unwanted couch.

  1. Set the cushions aside from the frame if they sit independently. The ones attached to the structure can stay there until it’s time to remove the upholstery. If you’re taking apart a sofa bed, remove the mattress at this step.
  2. Begin removing the upholstering. Most couches use staples to keep everything connected. If you’re throwing it away, you can rip it apart. It helps to use a box cutter to remove integrated cushions.
  3. Remove the legs from the sofa. Many furniture designs today use screw tops, so you can twist the item counterclockwise to remove it.
  4. Next, you’ll need to disassemble the rest of the frame. Each sofa has a different design, but it helps to start from the top to work your way down. A saw might be necessary to cut large pieces into a size that fits in the rented bin.
  5. It might be necessary to remove some hardware from the couch to break down the old furniture to an appropriate size. Several fastener head designs are used today, including Philips, slot, Torx, Allen, and square recess. You might need to purchase the appropriate bit or tool to work with what you find.

As the furniture gets taken apart, the pieces can go straight into the rented bin. After it is full or all the items are in the container, contact the provider to have the items removed from your property.

If you don’t want to go through the hassle of disassembling the furniture, consider renting a larger bin that can handle the items in their entirety.

Some Items Cannot Go in a Rented Dumpster

Although rules vary slightly, some items are not allowed when you’re trying to get rid of old furniture.

The guidelines don’t expressly forbid old furniture in most jurisdictions, but items that have spilled onto the unwanted items could prevent them from being picked up.

The biggest issue involves hazardous waste. Motor oil, automotive fluids, pesticides, and similar products require a separate disposal feature. If you had paint, lacquer, thinners, or stains on the materials, you’d likely need to follow different disposal rules.

Can I Leave Unwanted Items Next to a Dumpster?

Unless the unwanted furniture is inside the dumpster, it is not considered disposed of by most jurisdictions. That means you could be guilty of littering.

Should the dumpster be on private property, there could be trespassing issues associated with your disposal method.

Some people decide to dump unwanted items wherever they can find an empty space. It’s always better to rent a bin to dispose of old furniture to avoid potential consequences. Property owners have the right to file complaints against you if the disposal occurs without their permission.

Our team offers four bin rental sizes to accommodate your disposal needs, ranging from five to 20 yards. You’ll find that we make the removal process as easy as possible, including same-day bin switches for extensive projects if they’re scheduled before 10 AM. Life is too short to be dealing with unwanted old furniture. Rent a bin, clean up that space, and enjoy an updated look with something new.


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