Your Questions Answered About Green Demolition

Environmental awareness is more critical than at arguably any other time in human history. Countless millions of tons of waste from numerous industries, including construction, are generated annually through various building and demolition projects.

One of the ways that we can fight this cycle of building, demolishing, and disposing of in landfills is to create green demolition practices.

Green demolition recycles as many of the unwanted materials from a project as possible. This investment reduces or prevents waste from being sent to local landfills, protecting our land and water supplies as a result.

How Expensive Are Green Demolition Practices?

The average green demolition project costs 10% to 20% more than the decision to use traditional processes. Reducing this expense by lowering or eliminating landfill disposal fees and taking advantage of tax credits by donating recyclable or recycled material is possible.

Additional time commitments are also part of the equation. It takes longer to turn unwanted items into reusable things compared to dumping everything into a landfill.

When you work with an experienced green demolition team for your next project, you’ll find that the entire process can produce cost-savings opportunities by the end of the job. This outcome is especially true when working on a refurbishment or renovation where the deconstructed items are reusable on the same project.

What Materials Benefit from Green Demolition Practices?

Experienced green demolition contractors evaluate every item to determine its recyclable viability. The average home can have up to 90% of its components salvaged for reuse, and similar numbers are available from commercial buildings.

At We-Haul, we target the following items for recycling when proceeding with a green demolition project.

Wooden FloorsWood BeamsWindows and Doors
FixturesTiles and CarpetsAluminum Siding
Bricks, Stones, and PaversPipes (Metal and PVC)Roofing Materials

These items don’t need to be in perfect condition to create recycling opportunities. Metals are often reworkable, while plastics can be processed to become new items for an upcoming construction project.

Products made with natural materials, such as bricks, are often salvageable for use in numerous projects, including replicating specific architectural styles or meeting the requirements of local statutes.

Are You Ready to Go Green with Your Next Demolition Project?

If you’re concerned about the environment and your structural demolition project’s impact on our community, you can trust our team to carry out the work quickly and efficiently while recycling all qualifying materials.

We-Haul is dedicated to waste reduction by implementing industry best practices for each green demolition project. You can trust our experienced team to carry out residential or commercial jobs professionally while completing the work in the most efficient manner possible that protects our environment.

We proudly offer these services in Toronto and the surrounding communities in the metro area to ensure you receive high-quality demolition work when you need it the most. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our sustainable methodologies, request an estimate, or to have any questions you have answered.


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