Junk Removal: What Is It & How Much Does It Cost?

In recent years, there’s been a lot of talk about junk removal services.

To briefly summarize it, junk removal is the act of decluttering and disposing of items that are unused, unwanted or in even simpler terms, just junk.

These junk removal services encompass a large variety of items that can be removed and disposed of. This includes post-construction messes, hoarded items, sharp objects, heavy furniture, dirt, electronic waste, regular trash and much more.

Essentially, if you need anything gone from your house, backyard or business, junk removal is what you need.

But like all things, junk removal comes with a price. And while it’s generally very affordable to get junk removed. it will vary on how much you need removed.

How Much Does Junk Removal Cost in Toronto?

As a leading junk removal and bin-rental company in Toronto, We-Haul offers some of the most competitive junk removal prices.

we-haul junk removal trunk and bin at residential location

Our junk removal rates are based on how much space is taken up in the back of our truck.

For a better understanding of how much it would cost you, here are our truck dimensions and junk removal rates, starting for as low as $175.

Truck dimensions: 12 ft long x 7 ft wide x 5 ft tall (420 cubic feet)

We-Haul: Our Junk Removal Prices

1/4 Load: (105 cubic feet) – $175* 1/2 Load: (210 cubic feet) – $275*

3/4 Load: (315 cubic feet) – $375* Full Load: (420 cubic feet) – $475*

*If your junk includes large amounts of concrete, tile, plaster or soil, extra charges may apply.

We always keep our promise to provide free estimates before any junk is loaded into our trucks. If you need junk removal services in the Greater Toronto Area, book a free onsite estimate with We-Haul today.

What Type of Junk Do We Take?

From spring cleaning to construction projects, we take (and haul) all types of junk.

In fact, we’ll take almost anything that can be lifted by our crew, with the exception of hazardous waste such as chemicals, oils, asbestos, propane tanks and paint. If you need to dispose of hazardous waste, contact your local deep cleaning experts.

assortment of furniture on the curb ready for junk removal pickup

As noted on our Toronto junk removal page, we can remove home appliances, yard waste, construction waste, furniture and much much more.

Whether it’s an old television, unwanted couch, old flooring, furniture or large refrigerator – we’ll be sure to take care of it all.

Choose We-Haul for Junk Removal in Toronto

When you decide it’s time to get some junk removed from your home or business, you want it gone, and you want it gone fast.

By choosing We-Haul as your trusted junk removal team in Toronto and surrounding cities, you get peace of mind in knowing that we’ll be there on time.

Providing services when you need them most is always our number one priority. It does not matter how much stuff you have, how fast you need it removed or what the weather is, we’ll work around your schedule and your needs for junk removal.

Ready to get started? Book a free estimate for your junk removal needs today! We look forward to helping you.


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