Junk Removal Services for Property Cleanouts and More

How much waste does moving create? Throughout Canada, about one-quarter of all homeowners get the urge to move every five years. Another 15% say they want to move to a new home each year.

The average household moves 60 boxes. That’s a lot of stuff to manage, especially if some of those boxes get left behind.

About four million people move out of apartments and rentals each year. That translates to two million households potentially leaving their junk behind – not to mention the leftover debris, cleaning duties, and everything else you must manage.

It’s never easy to deal with all the leftovers, even if there is plenty of money available to use from the security deposit. When you need to quickly clean out an apartment or a rental unit, renting a construction bin and working with a junk removal company are excellent, cost-effective options.

What Are Your Options When Junk Gets Left Behind?

You’re hoping for a clean apartment or rental unit when the tenants leave, but it’s not unusual to discover junk piles left behind instead.

When that happens, you’re stuck with the responsibility of cleaning up.

Before that work happens, some specific rules regarding your rights and duties must be followed. It is up to you to determine if the rental unit is vacated or legally abandoned.

If the rent is current, the apartment or unit cannot be treated as abandoned.

When you’ve received official notification that a tenant has left, it’s still a good idea to receive confirmation that the items left behind are abandoned. It’ll limit your liabilities and make hiring a junk removal company easier.

How to Deal with Tenant Property Safely

Understanding the rules and regulations in your area ensures that you can safely remove unwanted items. That’s where a junk removal specialist can help. In most cases, you can immediately dispose of the property left behind when a notice of termination or an agreement to end the tenancy occurs.

When you hire our team, you can trust us to sort, bag, and remove everything to help restore the unit for a future tenant. We recycle or donate as many items as possible, adding a level of environmental responsibility to your investment. Our goal is to limit as much as possible from going into the landfill.

Some rental units might have a shed or debris in the yard that needs to be cleaned. Our team can handle those issues quickly and affordably.

If you have an estate clear-out that involves lots of garbage, old furniture, appliances, and more, our junk removal service helps you get the home ready for someone else.

These services fit within the option of bin rentals in Toronto. We’ll help you take a load off by taking all those loads of unwanted items to an appropriate disposal point.

Top Junk Items We See During Apartment Clean Outs

Mattresses are the most common items left behind when tenants move away from home. The good news is that these products can often be recycled, and a few are even suitable for donation.

Here are some of the other top things that we can remove from your property while cleaning it up.

1. Televisions

Since TVs can contain mercury or lead, they must be disposed of correctly. Some parts can be recycled, and a few companies even refurbish them to make them usable for someone else. Several options are available in Toronto to manage this need.

2. Sofas

Our team can move futons, sectionals, and sofas that get left behind after a tenant moves. Depending on the bin rental needs you have, we can even disassemble items when necessary to facilitate their removal.

3. Tires

Tires should not go to the local landfill. Recycling centers can shred the material to use them for several different needs, from artificial turf to new roads.

4. Appliances

Refrigerators, washers, and dryers get hauled away frequently after tenants move. This issue might not even involve abandoned property. If you’re looking for a fast way to upgrade your current lease arrangement for prospective renters, we can help you take the old appliances away so that the new ones can make a big impression.

5. Workout Equipment

It’s not unusual to see everything from kettlebells to treadmills left behind in a post-2020 world. Our team can help you get rid of that old equipment quickly and efficiently.

Bin rentals in Toronto provide a fast and convenient way to manage your junk removal service needs. Reach out to our team today to discuss how to help you clean that rental unit today.


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