How to Get Rid of Renovation Waste Affordably with Bin Rentals

Now that you’ve started your cleanup or renovation project, it’s time to do something about those materials you don’t need that are lying around right now.

Renovation waste can become cumbersome to manage where there isn’t a way to dispose of it on your property. Those unwanted items need to leave so that you can continue to work!

This guide looks at the practical and affordable ways to solve this problem. Many options can be delivered to your property directly so that you can work at your own pace.

1. Rent a Disposal Bin

Whether you need a bin rental in Etobicoke or elsewhere in the metro area, this solution provides a quick and straightforward result.

Bin rentals are delivered to your address. You can leave it there until it is filled, and then the provider comes to remove it. This method ensures the debris is recycled and disposed of responsibly, ensuring that you have an eco-friendly way to manage your project.

Many trusted providers offer online disposal bin rentals. You can also contact the company directly to schedule your services.

2. Reuse Your Materials

Instead of renting a bin for everything, consider trying to reuse construction materials from your building or renovation project. Although some items might be impossible to save, several upcycling and recycling opportunities are available to consider.

You can turn door and window materials into picture frames to hang on your wall. Baseboards can be repainted or refinished to match your new look. Doors, cabinets, and other items could be resurfaced to produce your desired vibe.

Most asphalt shingles last for about 20 years, but some products are rated for 30 or more. These items can be upcycled to dog houses, sheds, or even road production activities.

3. Recycle Your Unwanted Items

Although this option requires a few trips to dispose of the materials, it does reduce the flow of unwanted items to the landfill. Many areas have a Community Environment Day or a general disposal option where the items can be put curbside for the city to take.

If you visit a local recycling center during its off-hours, you can typically get in and out of there relatively quickly.

Numerous items qualify for recycling services. The most versatile products are hard plastics, wood, and metal. Some roofing materials, such as sheathing, are not reusable, but paper-based products are sometimes recyclable if taken to an appropriate facility.

4. Provide a Donation

Several thrift and building material recyclers accept donations from homeowners who are building or renovating. If you have gently used items, such as kitchen appliances or bathroom fixtures, they can be installed in a new home. Some companies provide teams that demo your space to take your donation when finished.

It is often easier to rent disposal bins than many homeowners realize until they try this service for the first time. If you have a property needing attention, take these steps to get those unwanted items out of the way so you can stay on schedule. 


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