Community Projects Bring Us Together, Like Our Annual Humber River Cleanup

At We-Haul, we host an annual event with our crew to clean up areas in our community. It started in 2020 when we took a day to clean up the Humber embankment. Our team found shoes, plastic, and more outside the typical litter and debris.

During the first two days of the cleanup, 24 yards of trash were removed. It took four days to complete the work, resulting in 3,850 kg of garbage being removed from the shoreline.

We’ve returned in 2021 and 2022 to continue our work along the Humber River. During the second effort, the east and west sides were tackled because there wasn’t as much to remove. Larger items were found the second time around, including pallets, tires, and pipes.

In 2022, we returned to volunteer to tackle the embankment litter issue to ensure the water system can remain unpolluted to the greatest extent possible. Community projects like this are what bring us together.

We took out 14 yards in 2021 and 15 yards in 2022. Our goal was to cut that figure dramatically in 2023.

Check out how we did!

Why Do We Support the Humber River?

A total of 40 waterways are designated as Canadian Heritage Rivers. The Humber is the only one in the GTA with that label, which it received in 1999.

These rivers receive recognition because they offer enormous recreational and cultural values to their communities.

The Humber was part of the Carrying Place Trail, which is one of the oldest transportation routes in the country. The watershed features over 1,800km of waterways and 600 unique bodies of water.

It originates on the Niagara Escarpment and the Oak Ridges Moraine, flows into Lake Ontario, and supports numerous farmlands, kettle lakes, and rural areas.

Why Are Waterways Important to Keep Clean?

Clean water is essential to our health. Not only does it support our economy and each community, but it also creates life in nature.

When our rivers and lakes stay healthy, so do our drinking water supplies. Wetlands and streams recharge the groundwater supplies, trap floodwaters, and filter pollution. When trash and litter clog those systems, they can’t work as efficiently.

Without clean water access, our way of life becomes threatened. The Humber River certainly looks better when there aren’t dozens of coffee cups, plastic bags, and other trash lining its embankments.

How to Keep Our Parks, Rivers, and Lakes Clean

Keeping our natural areas clean must be a priority. That effort starts with each of us when we decide to dispose of items correctly. When visiting our parks, rivers, and lakes, even picking up a little trash can make a big difference!

Some of the efforts to preserve our waterways start at home. If you use mulch in your garden, it prevents soil and nutrients from floating into places where it doesn’t belong. Try to rake or sweep grass away from the curb and compost those clippings.

If you have any chemicals at home that you use outside, don’t apply the item to places where they could be captured by storm drains. That includes where the products are stored. Containers can get brittle with age, creating the foundation for unexpected leaks that could get into our waterways if left uncontrolled or unsupervised.

Even simple steps, like collecting and disposing of pet waste correctly, can help us all enjoy a more sanitary environment.

Professional Junk Removal Services Can Help!

When you have junk on your property, it can cause potential issues with the environment. Although some materials are riskier than others, these items can be more than an eyesore. A professional junk removal team can help you remove these things without any worries about your safety.

Some items might be junk to you, but they could be useful to others. When you have donatable products, you can help others while enjoying the benefits of a cleaner property. We-Haul offers 24/7 support to ensure your project receives the attention it deserves.

It’s fast, convenient, and affordable to work with a professional junk removal team. Even if you only need to rent a bin, you’ll find that managing these unwanted items is much easier when you have support available.

Our volunteers take care of the Humber River, but we need your support throughout the year to keep it clean. With your help, including on our annual cleanup days, we can make a positive difference together for our community.

If you would like an onsite quote, contact our team at your convenience.


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