7 Things You Need To Do Before Starting A Demolition Project In Toronto

A demolition project is a huge commitment, one that needs to be planned out meticulously so that everything runs smoothly.

Demolition projects most often turn out to be bigger than you anticipated, finding that there’s more structure to be destroyed or more time needed to complete the job.

Although demolition jobs are messy and take a few days to complete, they’re still a vital part of the overall renovation process, so be sure to include them in your planning.

Whether you’re planning a demolition project because of a safety concern or because you want to build a house from the ground up, there are a few aspects you need to consider before starting the job.

Create a Plan With an End Goal

Conducting a demolition job yourself can be incredibly dangerous and risky, which is why its best left for the demolition professionals.

Not only will it be quicker and more stress-free, but you’ll be notified of any safety hazards that you may not have noticed if you did it yourself.

After choosing the contractor you wish to work with, sit down with them and create a detailed plan, using the end goal as a starting point and working backwards from there. To create a proper demolition plan, the property’s structure and the surrounding area must be assessed.

Some important factors to take into account when creating the plan include figuring out what materials were used in the original building and how it was built, and if there is any dangerous material lying around.

Determine a Demolition Method

There are two common demolition methods, and determining which one you’ll use will help you set the budget for the project.

The first type of demolition method is mechanical demolition, which is where hydraulic excavators and other machinery are used to tear down the structure. This is the most popular choice as it’s cheaper and less time-consuming.

The second type of demolition method available is deconstruction, where a crew of professionals manually strip down the house section by section. Using this method, some materials can be salvaged and used for future home improvement projects.

Set a Budget and Get an Estimate

Once the planning is complete and the method of demolition is determined, have your contractor give you an outlined estimate for the job.

Using this estimate, you can set the budget for the rest of the project. It’d be wise to allocate some money for any potential surprises that may come up along the way so that you’re not thrown off completely if they occur.

Get a Professional Inspection Prior to Demolition

Your contractor may require an inspection of your home as a safety precaution before beginning the demolition job.

The most common things inspectors will look for are asbestos, mold, rotting wood, and any other hazardous material. Depending on the results of the inspection, the budget may change.

Get the Legal Permits

Before any demolition project can begin, building permits must be issued and obtained.

To get a building permit, you need to make sure your home meets the fire and safety requirements and has passed the inspection.

Hire a Bin Rental To Clean Up the Mess

As you can imagine, there will be immense piles of debris, asphalt shingles, drywall, wood products, and anything else that can be found in a home.

All these materials cannot be placed on the curb for regular pickup, not to mention the amount of precious space they will take up.

Renting a bin beforehand is crucial in keeping the demolition project organized and as tidy as it can possibly be, having a place for all the debris to be stored until the project is over.

Disconnect Utilities

Prior to starting with the demolition, make sure all utilities are disconnected from the property. This includes sewer, electricity, water, and gas services.

Keeping any of these utilities connected during the demolition process can pose a threat to any of the workers on the property.

Toronto Bin Rental and Demolition Services

Are you looking to renovate your home and give it a fresh, new look?

Our team of licensed demolition contractors knows that each demolition project is unique and requires special planning to ensure a job well done.

At We-haul, we have the experience and skills needed to make sure your demolition project is completed in a timely and efficient manner.

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