7 Spring Cleanup Tips: How to Remove Junk Safely

Direct correlations exist between stress and disorganization, causing problems from difficulty sleeping to having excessing stimuli that causes your senses to start working overtime.

That means having a clean and organized home feels good. It also makes life easier during the spring cleanup process.

Whether you have an apartment to clean as a landlord or you’re getting ready for moving day, these tips can help you remove your unwanted junk safely.

1. Take It One Room at a Time

It can be challenging to tackle an entire home at once. There can be a significant junk pile that requires disposal, which can cause feelings of procrastination or foreboding. Although renting a disposal bin can make fast work of those unwanted items, it helps to start with a single room for this project.

Start by separating your belongings into three piles.

  • Carefully place the items you want to keep to the side, out of the way, so there is less risk of breakage.
  • Create a donation pile that can go to local nonprofit companies.
  • Separate potential recyclables for future review.
  • Have a place for the junk that is easily accessible for hauling away.

2. Review Your Waste Removal Capacity

Junk removal companies in Toronto (and elsewhere) provide several bin rental options to haul your unwanted items away. They come in 4-yard to 40-yard sizes, with several choices in-between.

If you’re unsure what size suits your needs, talk with a trusted junk removal team to discuss the matter. Although an in-person estimate is the most accurate evaluation, a phone or email conversation can give you a basic idea of what to expect.

3. Set Guidelines for Yourself

Landlords cleaning a vacated apartment will remove all unwanted items. A junk removal team can help with that work to make restoration faster and more affordable.

When you’re taking care of your spring cleaning chores, it helps to set specific guidelines to follow. You might choose to throw away or donate all magazines that are at least three months old, clothes you haven’t worn in six months, or books you can’t remember reading recently.

The guidelines will make the junk removal process faster. When you begin with easier decisions, you will be more confident in making the harder ones when they come along.

4. Remove the Garbage

When you have a room filled with clutter, it’s a safe bet that you have items that can go straight into the garbage. It could be actual trash, like a candy bar wrapper or an empty shoebox, or broken things that you haven’t gotten around to fixing in years.

Once you throw away all the garbage, the rest of the load gets lightened relatively quickly.

Please remember to review products for potential hazards when removing trash and clutter. Sharp edges create deep cuts! Some items might have chemicals or other substances that require specific disposal techniques. Junk removal services in your area will have a list of accepted items if you need help transporting items away from your property.

5. Set a Timer for the Work

When landlords need to finish cleaning work, the job needs to get completed before the next tenant moves into the home. Junk removal in Toronto can create this outcome with a broad range of potential services.

If you’re doing some spring cleaning to make your home more organized, it helps to set a timer so that the work gets done in small doses. Try the Pomodoro method, which has you working in 25-minute blocks, followed by a 5-minute break.

By working in smaller chunks, you’ll prevent yourself from feeling overwhelmed.

6. Host a Free Yard Sale

Instead of having a garage sale, try hosting a free event where people can take whatever they want from your unwanted items. Even if you don’t get rid of everything, you’ll get a head start on your overall decluttering efforts.

That means your belongings might also go to someone who needs them more than you.

7. Clean Up Your Property

Don’t forget about cleaning up your property when it’s time to do the spring cleaning chores! You can turn leftover wood into mulch with a rented chipper, use plastic bags as landscaping control, or cardboard boxes for soil foundation repair. Ratty clothes become cleaning rags, and even old ladders can be wall storage.

Junk removal services in Toronto can help tenants, landlords, property managers, and homeowners find ways to get rid of the clutter. If you need some help with this chore, please feel free to reach out whenever you can make a moment! We make it easy to get rid of your unwanted stuff.


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