5 Uses For A Garbage Bin Rental

Whether it be for a renovation, construction or backyard project, renting a garbage bin can prove to be extremely useful.

Garbage bin rentals provide a safe and contained way to remove and store junk from a work site without worrying about transporting the junk elsewhere.

Not sure if garbage bin rental is the right choice for your project? Here are 5 great uses for a garbage bin rental.

1. Roof Replacement Projects

Roof replacements will require a lot of room for disposal as your roofing experts need to remove and dispose of your existing roof shingles before they can install new ones.

home renovation with a disposal bin rental outside

If you are planning to get your Toronto home’s roof replaced in the near future, consider looking at your bin rental options beforehand. We generally recommend 10-yard bins and 14-yard bins for roof replacement projects, varying by the size of your home and roof surface area.

2. Construction and Renovation Cleanup

Planning a large construction or home renovation project? If so, be prepared for all the post-project cleanups. Regardless of the project, be it a home addition, kitchen renovation, or getting a new deck built for your backyard, waste is almost always inevitable.

For your next construction, renovation or addition project, plan ahead and get a bin for all of your project waste disposals.

3. Landscaping Projects

Updating your home’s landscape takes a lot of planning and hard work. The last thing you want to deal with during your landscaping project is a large cleanup.

Whether it’s extra soil, tree branches, wood, rocks or concrete, bin rentals are extremely useful and effective in landscaping projects. Renting a garbage bin not only helps you during the cleanup process, but it also helps you stay organized and free of clutter during the landscape transformation process.

4. Events and Large Gatherings

small disposal bin rental for a large gathering or community event

Large gatherings and special events generally have loads of people. And with loads of people, comes loads of garbage.

For your next weekend-long family or friend gathering, consider renting a small bin. This way, your area of gathering will be free of clutter and leaves you more time to enjoy quality time.

5. Spring Cleaning

Getting rid of unnecessary clutter can be quite a relief, especially if you do it each year during the spring season to keep things relatively clean year-round.

It’s quite common for families to rent out a garbage bin for massive decluttering projects or spring cleanings. If you have old fences, old equipment, outdated furniture or unused appliances you want to get rid of this spring, rent a garbage bin!

Garbage Bin Rentals in Toronto

Now that you know the many uses for a garbage bin rental, you know exactly what you need for your next large cleanup. Before you get started with bin rentals, consider taking a look at our various bin sizes available for rent.

Garbage bin rental for a residential home that is spring cleaning

When undergoing a construction project or large home cleanup, there’s no time to worry about where all the debris is going to go.

For garbage bin rentals in Toronto and surrounding areas, you can count on We-Haul to always deliver a bin to your location on schedule.

Get in touch with us today to get a free, no-obligation quote for your garbage bin rental needs.


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