Junk Removal


APPOINTMENT / BOOKING: When you call us, our customer representative will immediately receive your call and inquire about the junk removal services you require. On site visit will be scheduled and any other questions answered instantly.

FREE ON SITE ESTIMATION: Because it is difficult for us to give a precise quote over the phone,We offer a no obligation, free on site estimate. Our team of experts will pay you a personal visit and then provide with a honest quote regarding the junk pricing and other services.

JUNK REMOVAL: Once we have agreed on a price, we proceed to remove junk. We can start this immediately or schedule at a later date. We are extremely careful of all your items in your space.

HAULING AWAY: We haul all the junk in special trucks custom made to transport various types of waste. Uniformed men will handle, remove and haul all the waste you want disposed off. Once finished we will provide you with an invoice and proceed to dispose of or donate everything.

Enjoy your clean new space!
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Are you a homeowner or working in a business with too much junk lying around? Maybe it came from a previous move or an angry teenager who left for college? Have you just done a renovation and realize you have a pile of construction debris that is blocking your hallway? Did someone just pass away in your family and left a whole bunch of useless stuff from decades ago?...

This is an all too common problem we encounter every once in a while that can be very frustrating!!! When these situations happen, don't stress. Just call me and my team at 'We-haul disposal services'. We are specially trained to dig through clutter and help you make decisions as to what is garbage and what is not.

We try and donate all unwanted household items to various charities around the GTA. If we can't find a home for your old stuff we will bring it to a recycling station. At a recycling station your garbage will go on an assembly line where everything is sorted from wood to plastic to paper to garbage. Believe it or not, this does not cost us any more then bringing it to the dump or landfill. The reason other companies bring their junk and trash to the dump or landfill is just laziness. Sure it takes a little longer to get to some of these recycling yards, but that's it. Time is a small price to pay for even a little cleaner of an environment.

My name is Marc. My team and I take pride in keeping our customers happy while trying to help out in the community. We keep our prices at a reasonable rate and would easily say our costs are 25% then any of the major companies. We offer a free on site quote before we start just to prove our prices are the lowest.

We will remove almost anything with a smile on our face. If you don't believe me then go to homestars and read our reviews. We have been doing this for 7 years and pride my self on having happy customers.

Call today and get rid of your junk NOW!! We will explain or prices over the phone and set up your free on site estimate.

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