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Junk Removal & Disposal Services in Rexdale

We-Haul provides junk removal services to residential as well as commercial clients in Rexdale. Our services are known for three reasons namely efficiency, professionalism and technical expertise. Our junk removal Rexdale company serves areas around GTA. No stone is left unturned in providing you the most efficient junk removal Rexdale services.

Call us now at 647 444 5865 to know about pricing details.

Household Junk

When it comes to household trash removal we handle a variety of junk including:

  • Household appliances including Air conditioners, Dehumidifiers, Freezers and Refrigerators and other Construction Debris Removal
  • Kitchen Appliances such as mixers, grinders, food processors etc.
  • Paper waste including Books, Newspapers, magazines
  • Back-yard and Organic waste disposal for Junk removal Rexdale
  • Plastic waste consisting of boxes, poly bags etc.
  • Junk removal Rexdale also deals in wooden closets and Plastic Cabinets
  • Box springs and mattresses
  • Electronics waste such as Monitors, computers, Televisions and VCD/VHF players

Commercial/Office Junk Hauling

  • Office Rubbish removal such as paper waste and dustbins
  • Trash removal for general furniture such as desks, chairs, tables etc.
  • Commercial electronics items such as scanners, monitors, computers, printers
  • Trash disposal of stationery and paper waste disposal

Commercial Junk

  • Bricks or construction waste
  • Concrete or gravel waste disposal
  • Wallpaper disposal
  • Wood in construction waste
  • Cardboard waste

If your home is filled with stuff you don’t require – you seriously require junk removal Rexdale services. We can provide efficient, clean and timely services to clients in different settings – residential and commercial.

So, call us on 647 555 5865 to get an instant “On site Quote” for Rexdale junk removal services.