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Construction Debris Removal

Are you doing a small bathroom renovation or demolishing your old garage? Whatever the project you are working on, we are here to help. Here at We-haul Disposal Service we are trained to clear out all your old Reno waste quickly and efficiently. All the waste that we clear from your demolition or Reno project is thrown on our trucks and brought to various recycling stations around the Greater Toronto Area. We promise that nothing is brought to the landfill. Almost everything we pickup is recycled at our recycling stations at no extra cost.

Some of the Reno waste that we dispose of includes:

  • drywall
  • tiles
  • lumber
  • roofing items
  • insulation
  • flooring
  • cabinets
  • glass and mirrors
  • bathtubs and toilets
  • metal studs and beams
  • concrete
  • plaster


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